• $ 5.00

You never know what shirt you might get and neither do we! When you order one of these grab bags by the size, you'll get one of the pictured Sebago tees that, for one reason or another, we didn't sell in the normal course of events. 

What's in it?

  • 20th Anniversary tee
  • 2018 Oktoberfest tee
  • Simmer Down tee
  • Red MAINE logo tee
  • Ned IPA tee

Some important-type stuff you'd better read:

  • This offer is only good while our supply of shirts lasts. So, hurry!
  • We have no control over which shirt you will receive when you order.
  • We try to mix them up, but if you order multiple shirts, you WILL PROBABLY get multiples of the same design. 
Because of the extreme awesomeness of this great deal, we're sorry, but there are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES.

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